Success Through Further Training

The initial and further training of our employees is a priority and guarantees the maintenance of high standards of service quality. At our own training center, the Dussmann Campus in Zeuthen near Berlin, we extend the knowledge and the skills of our workforce with a range of training.

The training program at the Dussmann Campus includes a wide range of topics relating to cleaning, catering, security and technical services. Seminars on subjects such as human resources or sales are included in the program as are training courses which lead to a recognized qualification.

Dussmann Office carries out annual training for reception personnel which includes topics such as dealing with complaints and telephone etiquette. Office managers are trained in sales and communication. There are also many small workshops on topics such as management of outstanding payments, accounting and IT.

Courses include master of commercial cleaning, a workshop on vegan nutrition, further training for certified security guards on traffic services as well as seminars on personnel management.

The wide range of initial and further training provides our employees with the opportunity of increasing their knowledge and improving their qualifications. From cleaning technician to site manager to office manager.


Wherever you live – you will find a job with Dussmann Service nearby.

DIN Norms: Certified Security

DIN 77200 (Levels 1, 2 and 3) guarantee the professional quality of our services. Health & security is certified according to OHSAS 18001 and our Alarm Receiving Center is built in accordance with the EU-Norm DIN EN 50518.