Integrated Studies

At Dussmann Service, we offer the opportunity of integrated studies, of providing support with your bachelor or diploma thesis, places for working students and internships.

At Dussmann Service, there are three integrated study courses available:

  • Business Studies, focus, service management
  • Business Studies, focus facility management
  • Business Studies, focus industry

Every three months, participants alternate between theory and practice phases. The theory is learned at the college of economy and law (HWR), Berlin and the Career Academy (Berufsakademie) Saxony. During the practice phase at Dussmann, students work in several sections of the company and are involved in daily operations as well as in project work. Flexible organization and conscientious supervision help students to use their time in the company constructively.


Do you have questions about the application process? Have a look at our frequently asked questions to see if the answers are there.

Experiencing the Working World as a Student

Diploma thesis, working students and internships are possible in many sections of Dussmann Service operations and are always professionally supervised.

As a working student, you are allocated your own projects and support our teams in their daily work. Write your diploma or bachelor thesis with us and you can examine a current topic with a practical application. Internships at Dussmann Service offer the opportunity of applying your theoretical knowledge in practice.



The Dussmann Group supports projects which promote the cultural education of children and young adults.