People Are Our Priority

The people at Kursana go to great lengths to make life for our residents as comfortable as possible. And this creates a friendly atmosphere that enables them to feel safe and at ease. This is what makes our facilities special – both for residents and personnel.

Kursana Provides Support

We are aware of the outstanding accomplishments of our workforce.  Every day, 6,500 members of staff work hard caring for our residents and demonstrate a range of talents. They nurse, treat, help, comfort, advise and the physical effort necessary is immense too.  In order to meet all of these challenges, they need help and at Kursana, they are provided with a great deal of support.


Staying Healthy

We make you workday easier and help you stay healthy by providing appropriate, modern equipment. The training program at the Kursana Akademie also includes courses such as “back workout” and “dealing with stress in nursing”. 


Work-Life Balance

There are many people working in geriatric care who also have a lot of responsibility at home. Nursing personnel with children benefit from a subsidy for child-care and from the opportunity to work part-time, flexible working hours and well-organized duty rosters. Your children can also eat inexpensively at your facility.


Proper Familiarization

We prepare an individually tailored induction program which enables new staff to find their way around quickly and prepares them for their work.


Quality Standards

We maintain high standards of quality and don’t leave our nursing and care teams alone when it comes to audits by public authorities. There is a central quality management department which supports facilities on site when external audits are due.

Hone your skills

Kursana provides a wide range of further training and qualifications as well as fitness courses at the Kursana-Akademie.

We Provide

  • a good working atmosphere
  • a supportive management culture
  • modern furnishings and excellent Equipment
  • further training and a health program at the Kursana-Akademie
  • support by central quality management 
  • a tailor-made induction program
  • opportunities for personal development
  • unlimited contracts of employment, full and part-time
  • flexible work schedules
  • subsidies for retirement plans
  • child-care for care personnel

Taking Responsibility Seriously

Nursing and care means taking on a major responsibility – toward residents, their families, our personnel, partners such as doctors, hospitals and municipalities but also toward the environment. Our daily work is based on unambiguous principles and values which are set down in the code of conduct. These apply to all members of staff and are based on mutual respect and appreciation, empathy and a practical approach.