Kursana International

Kursana operates 100 care facilities in Germany. There are also Kursana facilities in Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and Italy. 


Kursana has been providing individual residential nursing and care in Austria as a private organization since 1987. The Kursana Residenz in Vienna-Tivoli provide comfortable apartments which enable residents to live an independent life with the option of care and nursing when it becomes necessary. 


In Switzerland, Kursana operates one facility for the elderly. Residenz am Spisertor is located centrally at the edge of the old town of St. Gallen. The facility provides sheltered accommodation as well as in-house nursing and care. Directly connected to the Kursana Residenz is a hotel with 12 hotel rooms, a restaurant and a café. 


In Estonia, Kursana operates one facility for the elderly. It is situated in a peaceful but central location. It is not far from the coast and the breathtaking coastal landcape and about 7 km from the idyllic city of Tallinn. 


In addition to Austria, Switzerland and Estonia, Kursana also operates numerous facilities in Italy which provide professional nursing and care for the elderly and other high-quality services.


You will find further information about Kursana and all of its locations on the company's homepage.