A Major Company

Kursana is one of the leading private providers of professional nursing and care for the elderly in the federal republic of Germany. In 116 facilities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Estonia and Italy, 6,800 members of staff care for 13,600 seniors. 

Founded in1985, the Company provides a home from home for the elderly. All of our facilities have an individual character but what they all have common are the high quality standards. We have learned that every single person is different and this the basis on which we provide our nursing  and care services.

Kursana Facilities: Domizil, Residenz, Villa and Quartier

It is our mission to ensure the quality of life of our residents and to enable them to enjoy it for as long as possible. Kursana offers three different forms of accommodation.

Kursana Domizil facilities provide nursing and care in a pleasant residential atmosphere. In comfortably furnished singe and double rooms, residents are cared for individually.

In Kursana Residenz facilities, residents can live independently and comfortably in appartments with numerous support services . When necessary, nursing is available.

In Kursana Villa facilities, residents enjoy premium accommodation and premium nursing and care in a stylish atmosphere with customized nursing and first-class services.

In the Kursana Quartier facilities, various residential forms and types of care are provided under one room including serviced accomodation, residential groups for people with dementia, day care and out-patient nursing and care.


You will find further information about Kursana and all of its locations on the company's homepage.

Kursana Domizil Diedorf
Kursana Residenz Prien
Kursana Villa Bonn

A member of the Dussmann Group

Kursana is a subsidiary of the Dussmann Group, a service company with international activities.

Kursana residents benefit from the professional services of Dussmann Service from catering to security and cleaning.

The Kursana Service Range

in-house nursing and care:

  • premium nursing
  • premium dementia care
  • dementia nursing
  •  care of patients in a vegetative state
  • intensive nursing
  • care of young patients
  • palliative care
  • care of the disabled
  • psychiatric care
  • care of Korsakow syndrome patients
  • short-term and respite care
  • day care
  • care in residential groups
  • care in apartments
  • sheltered accommodation
  • residential care
  • premium care