Die Ausbildung zum Pflegefachmann bei Kursana bietet viele Karrieremöglichkeiten in der Altenpflege.

You want to become a geriatric nursing professional? It's a great idea.

Start vocational training in geriatric nursing now.
Why? In the training as a nursing specialist ("Pflegefachfrau/mann") you learn about nursing of the elderly  and are responsible for planning, organizing and implementing the right care. Not only that; you make the everyday life of the people entrusted to you a little bit more colorful - day by day.

In exceptional times, geriatric nursing has become even more important. 
We believe that geriatric care is not only an essential service for general infrastructure but also for life. Or employees are true everyday heroes. As a trainee at Kursana, you will feel needed and appreciated from day one

The best thing about geriatric are... the people.
You build a real relationship with older people over a longer period of time. You listen to their stories and have an insight into their personality. Together with your team you create a welcoming atmosphere in which everyone feels at home - including you!

If you enjoy working with older people and are looking for a job with a future, then Kursana is the right place for you! Our vocational training in geriatric nursing provides the best possible start to your career and we do everything we can to build your future as a nursing professional.

Vocational training as a geriatric nurse at Kursana

As from 2020, vocational training in nursing has become holistic, replacing the more specific training courses for geriatric nursing, health nursing and pediatric nursing. The new qualification is nursing specialist (Pflegefachfrau/Pflegefachmann). We guide you easily through the new training to make you a professional in geriatric care.

Daily work in geriatric care offers a great deal of variety; every day is different. During training as a nursing specialist you will look after elderly people, support those in need of care and help them to cope with everyday life. This includes a wide scope of medical, psychological and social tasks. 

  • help with personal hygiene, dressing and eating
  • administering medication and changing dressings
  • instructing residents in health measures
  • advising residents on everyday matters 
  • organization of residents' daily routines and leisure activities
  • communicatin with families

and much more.


State-approved training as a nursing specialist lasts three years applying the dual training system. This combines theoretical training at college and practical training, with the support of our geriatric specialists in one of our Kursana facilities and of our cooperation partners such as hospitals and outpatient services. We would be happy to help you find a college place..


The start of training differs from region to region but it is generally in spring and in autumn. Please ask at one of our facilities.


There is a written, an oral and a practical final examination. The practical exam is carried out in the facility. Upon passing all three, you receive state certificate as a nursing professional.

Nursing is teamwork - with colleagues and residents. Those working in this profession should of course enjoy working with other people. During your training as a nursing professional, you will take on a lot of responsibility, but you will also earn a lot of trust and gratitude. If you are confident enough to do all this and are interested in medical and social issues, then this profession is perfect for you.

School certificate and 2-years vocational training
School certificate and at least 1 year nursing assistant or helper training
Secondary school certificate or equivalent

The nursing college requires a certificate of good health

Personal skills and qualities

  • ability to work in a team, social skills and responsibility
  • interest in medical and social issues
  • ability to work with older people
  • willingness to work in shifts after training

You can send your application for vocational training at any time of the year. On the page locations you can find the Kursana facility nearest to you. Use the contact information to ask for more information. Or check current vacancies.

Vocational Training

90 % of our apprentices joined Kursana on the recommendation of their friends.


Interns are always welcome. Contact the facility near you. 

Benefits at Kursana

Kursana is is one of Germany's largest provate providers of nursng and care for the elderly. Our 116 facilities are home to 13.600 residents. Each day, 6,800 give their all for the wellbeing of those in their care. Train to become a nursing specialist and become a member of the Kursana familiy. Quality care and good working conditions go hand in hand at Kursana. We also provide:

  • a garanteed job when you have successfully completed training
  • higher apprentice wages than in other occupations
  • a super working environment
  • good career opportunities
  • close guidance by qualified mentors
  • promotion of your strengths
  • modern, well equipped facilities
  • trainee workshops in Berlin
  • training in high quality geriatric care
  • the opportunity to observe and gain insights before starting training

For Parents and Teachers

Set the course for children and you pupils. Look here for information about the occupation of geriatric nurse. Or gather a personal impression adn visit one of our facilities. We look forward to meeting you.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Help your children and students set course for the future. Here you will find detailed information about the occupation of geriatric nurse.  And you can gather a personal impression by visiting one of our facilities. We look forward to welcoming you.