Dedicated Care Seeks Dedicated Apprentices

Life should be enjoyed right up to the end. And if you agree, then you are in good company at Kursana. It is rewarding to be able to make a contribution and it is a Job that is both multi-facetted and secure. 

Geriatric nursing is a career with a future; it is rewarding work and indispensable in the world of today.

An apprenticeship at Kursana lays the foundation for a successful career. You are part of a team that supports you and promotes your talents. Kursana offers you the best opportunities. 

Perhaps you already have experience in nursing and care of the elderly and now want to take the next step. Kursana will support you in acquiring qualifications and certification as a geriatric nurse.

Benefits at Kursana

As one of the largest private providers of nursing and care for the elderly in Germany, Kursana offers good working conditions. We believe that good care and enjoyable work are one and the same thing.

  • A super working atmosphere
  • Modern furnishings and excellent equipment
  • Attractive wages – higher average apprentice income than for example hotel administrator, baker or sales person
  • Excellent promotion opportunities
  • High quality training
  • Individual promotion of your strengths
  • Intensive mentoring by qualified personnel
  • Seminars for trainees at the Kursana Akademie
  • Fixed times to carry out practical training
  • 2-day induction event in Berlin with all apprentices
  • Workshop on career prospects during the final year of training


Interns are always welcome. Contact the facility near you. 

For Parents and Teachers

Set the course for children and you pupils. Look here for information about the occupation of geriatric nurse. Or gather a personal impression adn visit one of our facilities. We look forward to meeting you.

The work at nursing and care facilities is never routine. You take care of people who are dependent on your support and you help them to get through the day. You have a huge variety of tasks which address medical, psychological and social aspects. 

  • Help with personal hygiene, dressing and eating
  • Distribution of medication and changing bandages
  • Promotion of health 
  • Giving residents Support and advice in day-to-day life
  • Organization of residents’ schedule and activities
  • Communication with residents’ families


State recognized training lasts three years and is a dual training course which involves a practical component at a Kursana facility and a theoretical component at college. We would be happy to help you find a college place.


The start of vocational training differs from region to region. It generally begins either in spring or in autumn but there are occasional exceptions. You can learn the exact date at the facility.


Training culminates in a written examination, an oral examination and a practical test. The practical component is carried out at the facility. On passing the examination, you receive a certificate confirming your qualification as a state-recognized geriatric nurse.

Nursing is teamwork, - with colleagues and with residents. Those who plan to work in this sector must, of course, be able to work with other people. Geriatric nurses take on a lot of responsibility and they earn a great deal of trust and gratitude along the way. If you think you can take on this responsibility and you are interested in medical and social issues, this is the occupation for you.

School Certificates

A minimum requirement is the initial school certificate for 10 school years (in Germany, Hauptschulabschluss).


The nursing school requires a certificate of health.

Your profile: 

  • Team player with communicative skills. Your work will involve contact with colleagues, residents and their families, doctor...
  • The ability to take on responsibility and a caring approach. The residents are dependent upon you.
  • Physical and mental resilience. Working with people at the end of their lives requires willingness, strength, patience and intuition.

You can apply for an apprenticeship throughout the year. Click on the “locations” in the website menu and look for your nearest Kursana facility. You will find the name of the local contact person who would be happy to provide abny further information.

Your application should include:

  • cover letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • copies of references

Vocational Training

90 % of our apprentices joined Kursana on the recommendation of their friends.

Information for Parents and Teachers

Help your children and students set course for the future. Here you will find detailed information about the occupation of geriatric nurse.  And you can gather a personal impression by visiting one of our facilities. We look forward to welcoming you.