Questions and Answers

There are questions which are often asked in the course of the application process. To make it easier, we have listed the most frequent questions her and given answers.

The facility would be happy to welcome you or to receive your phone call – the first impression counts. It would be helpful if you could bring your application with you. Please understand that if you come without making a prior appointment, we may not be able to meet you right away.

If you wish to apply, for example, as a nurse at several facilities, use our application form. It allows you to apply for several positions and several locations. Your application will be sent to all locations and they will answer individually.

At headquarters, applications are welcome from other sectors.  In nursing too, we can train you as a new entrant from another sector, for example as a nursing assistant. 

You can use the application form. This gives you the option of uploading documentation or entering all personal data (education, skills) directly.  

If you have a three-year training as a nurse and a good knowledge of German, we would be happy to receive your application. You should check beforehand whether you need a residence permit and whether your certificates are recognized in Germany. Further information about working as a nurse in Germany can be found <link internal-link internal link in current>here.

There are around 6,800 employees working at our 100 facilities and they are supported by about 150 people at headquarters. Central departments include controlling, property management, finance, marketing & sales, personnel, and quality management. Vacancies are listed on the job page. 

The trainee program is currently being restructured. We expect the relaunch to take place at the end of the year. Check our job page for vacancies.

Voluntary Work

You would like to share your time and your experience with our residents? There are many ways you can make a contribution at our facilities. We are grateful for your help.

You will find further information about Kursana and all of its locations on the company's homepage.