If already have professional experience, you can join Dussmann in administration or operations. We are also happy to welcome those who want to return to their original occupation after a break.

Trained Specialists

If you have completed an apprenticeship, you can apply your know-how at the Dussmann Group in work that offers variety and the opportunity to make a difference. You can influence the role that you play in the company and can balance job and family.  Decentralized decision-making processes, a down-to-earth corporate culture and team spirit make work simpler. At the company’s own training center you can undergo further training and acquire additional qualifications as well as improving your soft skills.

Fair Payment

Fair wages and punctual payment is the basis of trust for all employees of the Dussmann Group.

Operative Staff

Operative personnel who have not completed an apprenticeship benefit from the stability of the company. We guarantee fair wages and punctual payment. The dense network of Dussmann Service branch offices across Germany means that you will find one not far from where you live. At Dussmann you can balance a job and family because work schedules are prepared carefully and remain unchanged as a reliable basis for planning. Everyone has the chance to take part in further training at the company’s own training center, the Dussmann Campus in Zeuthen where they acquire additional skills and qualifications.


Do you have questions about the application process? Have a look at our frequently asked questions to see if the answers are there.

Returning to Work

Should you want to return to work following parental leave or have taken a longer break from work for any other reason, we look forward to welcoming you back. We will ensure that you are well prepared for the job through training and instruction. As long as you show interest, are reliable and have the motivation to reacquire the skills needed to succeed in day to day operations, we provide everything else to enable you to return to work.


You will find more Information about the services of DKA on the company division's website.