Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some frequently asked questions and given answers.

The Dussmann Group consists of five company divisions: Dussmann Service, Kursana, KulturKaufhaus, KulturKindergarten and Dresdner Kühlanlagenbau

At Dussmann Group headquarters, all of the central functions such as personnel development, corporate communications, legal and fiscal matters are controlled. Company divisions operate individual accounting departments and rund their own operations.

The Dussmann Group is a multi-service provider and offers the whole range of facility services: Catering, security and reception, cleaning and technical services as well as commercial facility management, energy management, nursing and care for seniors, office services, child-care and the KulturKaufhaus in Berlin.

All of the Dussmann company divisions have three things in common – client proximity, service orientation and innovation.

To apply for an existing vacancy, use our application form or write to the address given.

Should you be interested in an operative vacancy, you may apply online, by post or introduce yourself by telephone.

We are happy to receive applications from employees from other sectors or those who want to return to their original occupation. The most important thing is that you are interested in the work and enjoy learning to meet the challenges presented by a new field.

If you do not have application documentation, you can enter your personal data, work experience and skills in the application form.We look forward to receiving your application.

The time it takes to process an application varies from vacancy to vacancy. We try to give you an answer as soon as possible and it generally takes around three weeks. In the case of a speculative application, we ask for your understanding that you will receive a further response only if we can offer you a post which corresponds with your Profile.

Current Vacancies

In job ads you will find the contact Information for the corresponding contact person .