Welcome to the Dussmann Group. You can join us if you already have professional experience, as a career entrant, in management, to start an apprenticeship or an internship or as a student and find out just how varied the services are at the Dussmann Group. The company promotes administrative and operative staff equally and we are always happy to welcome those who are returning to their occupation after a pause or who are reorienting themselves vocationally.

Our company employs cleaning operatives, nurses, area managers and cooks but also book sales staff, educators, administrators and managers in a whole range of occupations. This scope promotes the personal development of our employees within the Dussmann Group. An intern may become a site manager, an apprentice at Kursana, head of nursing.

We offer further training in catering, cleaning, security, technical services as well as in nursing and care to ensure that all of our staff is well qualified.

Take advantage of the huge range of opportunity at the Dussmann Group. We look forward to welcoming you.

A Wide Choice of Apprenticeships

The Dussmann Group currently offers apprenticeships in many occupations. As cleaning technician, book seller, certified security guard, geriatric nurse, cook, mechatronic technician or certified office manager – you will find an apprenticeship to fit.

Global Player

Over 50 years ago, Peter Dussmann founded a company that today has activities across the world.

New Challenges with the Dussmann Group

Whether you are a career entrant or experienced, we look forward to meeting you. You can join the Dussmann Group as a trained specialist without training and share your ideas and experience. It is also possible to join the Dussmann Group if you are returning to work after a long absence or come from another sector.


We hone the skills and qualifications of our workforce at the company's own training center, the Dussmann Campus and at the Kursana Akademie.

Management Personnel at Dussmann Service

Do you want a job that offers variety and enables you to play a key role in the company? We look forward to welcoming you to the Dussmann Group. You will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects in the context of international business and to make an active contribution to the business success of the company.

Fair Payment

Fair wages and punctual payment is the basis of trust for all employees of the Dussmann Group.