Be a Part of Our Team

We are aware of the outstanding roles that our employees take on every day. They are dedicated helpers, professional life savers and patient listeners.  Our personnel are multi-talented. 

Be a part of our team. We ensure optimal conditions and our care facilities provide a good working environment. We maintain high standards of quality in our services and at our headquarters in Berlin, there are specialists who share their knowledge with the individual facilities and provide support in maintaining the high standards of quality applied to services.


If you are already experienced in geriatric nursing, there are numerous opportunities at our facilities. Even if it has been some time since you worked in geriatric care, we would be happy to welcome you.

Corporate Culture

Nursing is a demanding occupation. We understand how much they do and ensure that they have optimum working conditions.


Our nursing and care is as good as the people who carry it out and the people who manage it. Management personnel at Kursana have a great deal of opportunity to contribute their own ideas and they receive solid support from headquarters.

International Personnel

From Poland, Romania, Spain and other countries, we are happy to receive applications from nursing personnel outside Germany.

Hone your skills

Kursana provides a wide range of further training and qualifications as well as fitness courses at the Kursana-Akademie.


You like working with people and are looking for a rewarding job with secure prospects? There are several ways of joining us, even if you come from another occupation.


Interns are always welcome. Contact the facility near you. 


You will be leaving school soon and would like to start a rewarding career with secure prospects? As one of the leading private providers of geriatric nursing and care in the Federal Republic of Germany, we make a significant investment  in training young talent.