Supported by a Strong Team

You take on a great deal of responsibility as a facility director or head of nursing but at Kursana, you won't lose any sleep. You can rely on the experience of 116 facilities and support from headquarters. 

Make a decisive contribution 

In our facilities, you build on a sound basis and clearly defined structures but you are also given the freedom to contribute your ideas and to implement them. 

Standards lighten the load

Kursana works with central quality management. It ensures that high quality standards are maintained and lightens the load of care organization e.g. through regulation of procedures and responsibilities. Regional quality managers support you on-site and help you to determine these procedures and responsibilities for your facility.

Structured Induction

During a structured induction phase, you will learn about internal procedures and the financial background at Kursana. Our mentoring system enables you to get answers to all of your questions to facilitate a successful start.

We provide: 

  • The opportunity to take on a wide range of responsibility
  • Freedom to contribute you own ideas 
  • Support from headquarters in Berlin 
  • Standards on which you can build
  • Management seminars including those at the Kursana Akademie
  • Exchange of experience and opinion with other management staff
  • A fair salary and bonus system 
  • Induction by a personal mentor 
  • Locations across Germany and in other European countries

Hone your skills

Kursana provides a wide range of further training and qualifications as well as fitness courses at the Kursana-Akademie.

Kursana Human Resources

Fon +49 (0) 30 / 20 25 - 20 00
Fax +49 (0) 30 / 20 25 - 20 99
Mail: kursana-personal

Headquarters in Berlin

At our headquarters in Berlin, there are highly specialized departments who support the individual facilities with their expertise and help them to achieve their care and nursing objectives and their business objectives. We create comprehensive solutions and generate ideas and are looking for people who think creatively and who can identify with the professional services provided by our facilities.


We provide: 

  • Interesting jobs in a sector that is very future-oriented 
  • A modern, expanding company as an employer
  • Individual responsibility and the opportunity to contribute own ideas
  • An open, lively culture of communication 
  • Management seminars