Helping Hands Needed

Volunteers are a huge support for our team and for our residents a happy chance. They bring variety to the daily routine, promote contact with the world outside the facility an increase the quality of life of our residents. We look forward to welcoming every helping hand – and so do our residents.

Speculative Application

In addition to the Jobs listed on this website, there are other vacancies. Sending a speculative application is always worthwhile. We look forward to hearing from you.

FSJ and BFD Voluntary Programs

A voluntary year presents the opportunity of doing something completely different for a while.  The FSJ program (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr) is for those who want to take a gap year between school and work. The BFD program (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) enables you to re-orientate during you working life or to make a contribution the common good when you go into retirement.

  • for everyone 27 years or younger – the FSJ program
  • for everyone over 27 years - the BFD program

Voluntary Work

You would like to contribute your time and your experience in working with our residents?  

There are many reasons to become a volunteer: exchange of experiences and making new contact. It is a rewarding use of free time.


Volunteers carry out a varied scope of tasks in our facilities, independent of religion age or nationality e.g. 

  • taking residents out for walks
  • accompanying them to the doctor or Events
  • public Relations
  • singing activities
  • handicrafts
  • gymnastics, bowling and other sports
  • help in arranging events and parties
  • reading circles
  • transport